The usual Suspects

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Robby Rottin – Guitar & Vocals

Robby Rottin’s love of music began while the earth was still cooling. Learning early that banging rocks and wood together was not particularly musical, he eventually discovered that guitars existed. Once his parents could no longer keep the secret that guitars could be electrified and amplified, life in the Rottin household was never the same. Robby has played all over the Bay Area in all types of events and venues, including a pretty good party at a mortuary (true!). In addition to vocals, guitar and ukulele, Robby performs in the band Rock Crisis and acoustically at select Bay Area venues. Robby’s claim to fame is never having opened for anyone famous. Robby’s greatest love in music is seeing people happy and dancing to his music. Head banging also brings out an especially inspired performance in him. Had his SAT scores been higher, he might have missed this incredible calling of party music. Come see him as he finds unique ways to meld low grades, humor and great music together for your event and enjoyment. Robby never met a puppy or a party he didn’t like.

JD Davidson–  Drums & Vocals

It all began in Redwood City, California and by the age of 4 he was playing Beatles songs on the juke box, making "friends" in the coatroom and found "mind enhancement" tools very entertaining in junior high. By the 90's he was working hard and playing drums even harder. His drum mentor was Animal from the Muppets band. Realizing a talent along with love for all that is Rock n Roll, drumming became his passion. He has played in many local bands such as: Ron Pastana and the Pit Crew, Grid, Pinkie and Blind Resistance, Jungle Rooster, the Johnny Picket Band and Joey Fender and the 55's, along with many others. He has been running the R Place Jam Nights with great success while playing in several bands, but stars in a major role with FOURPLAY for not only his great drumming skills, but also for his unique vocals and lush harmonies. His other great passion is his Harley Davidson (yes, we know, ironic) which he swears does not affect his hearing or his work with all that is mechanical. Favorite saying: Question everything!



Gordon McKeyz  –  Keyboards & Vocals

Growing up as a wee laddie in the Scottish Highlands, Gordon learned from a young age to play classical and folk music on the piano in the McKeyz clan family tradition, while struggling with his grasp of the English language. Later in his teen years, full of angst, and haggis, Gordon had an epiphany (a hard word to spell - Rottin had to look it up) and discovered the wide world of music. He realized two great truths that have served him well since then and throughout his ongoing mid life crisis: 1. rock music is a lot more fun than classical and folk, and 2. a Scottish accent gets you all sorts of upgrades, and just the right amount of trouble. On one special day he vowed to move to California and play rock music in a band, and for that band to be named FOURPLAY. Thank you Robby, JD and Dennis for fulfilling his (wet) dream.

Dennis Cebrian–  Bass & Backup Vocals

Dennis is a multi instrumentalist (another hard word to spell, Rottin had to look that up also), but playing bass is a passion he is fulfilling with numerous bands in the East Bay and Central Valley. His other passion is… well never mind. his performances are usually accompanied by his Fender Precision bass. He is also a guitar player and lends back up vocals to the band. Although, he looks dangerous and threatening, you should know you are safe as kittens in his presence..... (to be continued)